UFW is designed to be an easy to use firewall solution. It uses iptables and the underlying technology is pretty robust. Despite being the Uncomplicated FireWall, UFW, it still has a few misnomers and naming conventions might seem not so obvious to the first time user.

ufw allow proto tcp from to any port 22 But my IP address is dynamic, so this is not yet the solution. The question is: I have dynamic DNS resolution with DynDNS, so is it possible to create a Rule using the domain instead of the IP? For example, to allow all new incoming http connections on eth0, use: ufw allow in on eth0 to any port 80 proto tcp. so I've added the interface to my configuration: ufw allow in on wg0 to any before this I had the following rules, which also worked: sudo ufw allow from sudo ufw allow from fd42:42:42::1/64 sudo ufw allow 993 sudo ufw allow 6969 sudo ufw allow out 53 sudo ufw allow out http sudo ufw allow out https sudo ufw allow out 465 sudo ufw allow out 587 sudo ufw allow out 993 sudo ufw allow out 6969. This works well with Ubuntu 16.04: Everything works properly. sudo ufw status numbered (the reasoning) [ 1] 993 ALLOW IN Anywhere (thunderbird) Nov 01, 2019 · sudo ufw allow in on enp1s0 to any port 2222. Once you have those two rules in place, test the connections from both the LAN and WAN, making sure to use port 2222 on the WAN side connection. You

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May 09, 2019 · Using something like sudo ufw allow http/tcp is also valid and may be needed in a server situation, but this really starts to open up a can of worms as far as permitting different types of connections. One of the more popular settings is sudo ufw allow 22, which opens the port for ssh connections.

May 23, 2020 · ufw allow from proto tcp to any port 22. We can also specify port ranges with UFW. For example, to allow TCP ports 1100 to 1200, run the following command: ufw allow 1100:1200/tcp. If we want to allow UDP on ports 1100 to 1200, for example, we have to use the following command: ufw allow 1100:1200/udp Rejecting Incoming Connections sudo ufw allow 1725/udp Advanced Rules. Along with allowing or denying based solely on port, UFW also allows you to allow/block by IP addresses, subnets, and a IP address/subnet/port combinations. To allow connections from an IP address: sudo ufw allow from To allow connections from a specific subnet: sudo ufw allow from 198.51.100 $ sudo ufw allow 80 <== allow http access $ sudo ufw deny 25 <== deny smtp access You can check out the /etc/services file to find the connections between port numbers and service names.