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Software to Block Websites - WebTitan Web Filter Software to block websites helps prevent malware and ransomware infections and can also protect users from phishing attacks. However, in order to effective, software to block websites has to be easy to use and versatile. Find out more when you speak with one of the WebTitan sales team today. Adblock Plus | The world's # 1 free ad blocker Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer is supported by eyeo GmbH on the following editions of Windows 10 – Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Education and Windows 10 Enterprise. Website Blocker | Net Nanny

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10 best free ad blockers to remove ads & popups for 2020

Just add websites to your block list on and we’ll do the rest, we’ll even throw in some really funny images if you try and go on the sites while they’re blocked 💩 ⏰Stay Focused Extension BlockSite allows you to remove all distracting and harmful websites from your life by blocking them for you while you need to stay focused and

Jul 21, 2020 · How To Block Websites On MacOS X? Similar to Windows, you can also block websites on macOS. If you are wondering how to block websites on Mac, two methods immediately spring to mind. These include using a third-party application and editing the host files similar to Windows. This is slightly helpful thanks. I wanted to have more control in blocking and allowing individual websites. I was able to do this using internet explorer, I was able to block or allow individual websites. Microsoft Edge is basically a clone of Google Chrome.