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The first thing you need to do is get approval from PayPal or Braintree (depending on which gateway you use) to use "Reference Transactions." Reference Transactions are how PayPal processes recurring subscription payments. Merchants must typically have some current PayPal operating history in order to be approved to use Reference Transactions. Welcome to Amazon Pay help | Amazon Pay Help Welcome to Amazon Pay help. Amazon Pay provides payment solutions that let people use the payment instruments stored in their Amazon accounts to pay for goods and services on third-party websites and in apps that accept Amazon Pay. Manage recurring payments and subscriptions - Google

Jun 12, 2020 · After that, click View next to Manage your Automatic Payments and a new page will open. From there, click the name of the business you have the recurring payment with, then Cancel .

Sep 07, 2004

Managing Pay via PayPal recurring payments. You manage your recurring payments submitted using Pay via PayPal from within your Engaging Networks dashboard under “Manage Supporters”. Use the “Recurring Donations” gadget to view details about a transaction, make changes or cancel your recurring payments.