Scripting has changed. A new player has come into the works and added more functionality to the Microsoft scripting world, PowerShell. You can map a network drive via script in a few different ways this post will show you how to do it using batch script, VBScript and PowerShell.

Capture Mapped Network drives for a user & output to bat file 2014-5-15 The command NET USE allows you to setup a mapped network drive and follows this syntax: net use . You substitute the variables with your drive information: net use F: \\server\files. And voila, there's your basic script. Save the notepad file as .bat The best solution is to create a batch file that you can click on, when you need to map the drives, or copy it to your Windows user account Startup folder so the drives are mapped automatically during logon. To map drives using a batch file, we'll need to use the net use command. At it's simplest form, the command looks like this: Apr 17, 2012 · One usually just pluggs in a network drive. What do you want the Bat file to do? If you have a network drive plugged into the network you should "see "it in your Network devices list. Although this is from Vista a similar view is in Windows 7 Explorer. “WHSNetwork” which is an object for accessing shared network resources and “MapNetworkDrive” which is the command stating you want to map a network drive. “F:” is specifying the drive letter The “\\fileserver\share” part is once again specifying the full path to the network resource that you want to map the drive to.

Run Executable on a Network Drive – Batch File . You may find you need to run an executable (in my case it was Python) remotely for some reason or another. This isn't particularly difficult to pull of on Linux or Unix systems, of course - it's trivial, actually. Map and switch to a network drive and give it an arbitrary, unmapped drive

devicename = the dive letter for the map drive. computername = is the computeer wher the share exists. sharename = is the name of the share. So to create a batch file that will map a drive to different computers that are sharing folders, we'll use the following commands: net use W: \\computer1\MP3 . net use X: \\computer2\Photos สร้างไฟล์ Map Drive ที่ระบุ User และ Password 5. Rename Extension file จาก .txt เป็น .bat 6. Double Click file ชื่อ MapDrive.bat 7. เปิด My Computer ดูว่ามี Drive T ขึ้นมา 8. สามารถใช้ File นี้ได้กับทุกเครื่องที่อยู่ในวง network เดียวกัน จบ create bat file to map drive - TechRepublic

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