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Now if you want the BLUE Advanced Boot Options Screen in Windows 8, instead of the old Windows 7 black and white screen, you can type the following commands. b–edit /set {globalsettings} advancedoptions true. To disable this/restore defaults, run one of the following commands: b–edit /set {globalsettings} advancedoptions false or Boot into your Windows (Vista, 7 and 8 only) Go to Run. On Windows Vista and 7, click Start > Run. On Windows 8, you can press the Windows and R keys to open Run; Type msconfig; Press Enter or click OK; Go to Boot tab; Make sure the Safe Boot and Minimal checkboxes are checked, while the others are unchecked, at the Boot options section: Click OK May 22, 2020 · Download DBAN. DBAN (Darik's Boot and Nuke) is a free hard driver eraser that will completely wipe the entire hard drive containing Windows 8. The hard drive will be empty and need to be either initialized by another operating system for storage or have an operating system installed on it. Windows 10 has quite a similar sleep option to Windows 8.1, aimed for highly convenient performance. However, the rejuvenation of Start menu has made it easy to access this option in Windows 10. You can put your PC to sleep instead of shutting down.

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The first is through a menu option on the Power Users Task Menu and the second method is to create a Elevated Command Prompt tile directly on the Windows 8 Start Screen. Unless you already started Windows 8/8.1 Recovery Environment from a failed Automatic Repair attempt, the very first option to try in case Windows is unable to boot is the Automatic Repair (in Windows 8) or Startup Repair (Windows 8.1) that will check the condition of your hard disk and see if files needed to launch Windows are present. The

The RUN command box will easily open on your windows 8 and you can easily locate the run option. There is another method to locate the run option. Go to the start menu of your windows 8 and then type the run in the search box given.

2013-6-11 · Windows 8 will show Command Prompt in search results page. Right-click on the shortcut and select “Run as administrator” option given at the bottom. That’s it. These are many different ways to open Command Prompt as administrator in Windows 8, … Use 'Run As' to Execute Programs as Administrator 2019-11-26 · To use the "run as" option in any version of Windows without using the right-click option, download the ShellRunas program from Microsoft. Drag-and-drop executable files directly onto the ShellRunas program file. When you do this, you'll immediately be prompted to … Run Command - Enable or Disable - Windows 7 Help Forums