Night Catches Us shouldn't be confused for something as blanket as "that black panther movie" or even a political movie, but more like a story about what it really takes to move on when you're so

Mar 25, 2011 · Night Catches Us Buy or Rent. Rating: R Released: 2010 Running time: 1:29:38 The Ultimate Gift YouTube Movies. 2007 · Drama; 1:57:10. With Great Power: The Stan T he past looms large over Night Catches Us, in which deciding to continue fighting the old fight or opting for survival are choices that exact a heavy toll.Set in a 1976 Philadelphia still grappling with its Black Panthers legacy, writer-director Tanya Hamilton’s film pivots around the return of Marcus (Anthony Mackie) for his dad’s funeral after a four-year absence motivated by the Dec 10, 2010 · “Night Catches Us,” as its title hints, focuses on the almost unbearable weight of the past and the power it can have to overshadow and suffocate the present with the taint of secrets inside Dec 03, 2010 · Night Catches Us is a perfectly adequate movie. It is a solid B effort. It is firmly and purposefully decent. Tanya Hamilton made a film that strives to be nothing more than what it is. There are no moments that In Tanya Hamilton’s debut feature, Night Catches Us, Anthony Mackie and Kerry Washington star as former Black Panthers who navigate the pitfalls of a post-radical life. It’s 1976 in Philadelphia’s Germantown section, and for much of the country, hope is on the horizon. Jimmy Carter’s speeches drift from car radios into the streets, and the lynching and church bombings of the civil

Dec 02, 2010 · Initially titled “Stringbean and Marcus,” Night Catches Us borrows its permanent title from a Jamaican expression about staying out after dark. But the movie itself stays out after dark. But

Dec 02, 2010 · Movie Review - 'Night Catches Us' - Kerry Washington, Anthony Mackie Drive A Black-Panther Drama It's 1976 and Marcus, a former Black Panther, comes home to his Philadelphia neighborhood -- where

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Night Catches Us,I was at first interested when I seen the movie for order I hadn't been familiar with it, But I was really pleasantly surprised when I ordered for myself and then finally watched,the movie was homely, warm, the acting was great, Nostalgia set in a 1970's era, Kerry Washington,Anthony Mackie,Tariq Trotter of the roots it came