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VPN : คู่มือการตั้งค่า MikroTik ให้ทำงานเป็น VPN Server เซต Mikrotik ให้เชื่อมต่อออก Internet ได้ปกติ (ใช้เป็นวง 192.168.100.xxx, Test on Server 2. เซต DDNS ให้ Mikrotik (ใช้เป็นของ Dyndns.org) 3. เซต Service L2TP-Server พร้อมสร้าง User ที่จะ MikroTik 6 PPTP VPN Setup Tutorial | StrongVPN Connect to the MikroTik router via an Ethernet cable, the computer should be cabled to a LANport of the VPN router. It is recommended not to use LAN1 port. Open up your web browser, type in the address bar and hit enter. It will prompt you to enter the username/password.

How to setup VPN on MIKROTIK router

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ssh/telnet to HQ Mikrotik gateway, create your own certificate authority (CA) named myCA and. is LAN interface export the CA certificate Create a private and public key pair for the VPN Server and another key pair for the VPN Client. MikroTik CHR: Setup Secure VPN access between client and Knowledge Base / MikroTik Cloud Hosted Router / MikroTik CHR: Setup Secure VPN access between client and server Please type something This guide will describe one of the many possible usages of MikroTik CHR and Virtual Private Server (VPS). Tunnels - MikroTik Wiki VPN (any type) between 2 Mikrotik routers and no static IP addresses L2TP + IPSEC between Mikrotik router and a PC IPSEC between Mikrotik router and a Shrew_client MikroTik Routers and Wireless - Products