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Using A BT Home Hub As A Wireless Extender - Owen Kelly This is only necessary if both routers have the same Default Gateway, in my case since both devices were BT Home Hubs their Default Gateway was “” however, just as you can’t have two DHCP servers on one network, you can’t have two devices with identical IP addresses on a … BT Home Hub 5 for BT Broadband: Computers The BT Home Hub 5 gives you a faster, more reliable wireless connection throughout your home. Using brand new superfast ac wireless technology and with 4 GigE ports customers can further exploit the superfast speeds of BT Infinity. Additionally, the Hub 5 features an integrated VDSL modem meaning that BT Infinity customers will no longer need How BT keeps your home wi-fi safe and secure | BT

Jan 10, 2008 · The exploit has been tested on BT Home Hub - Firmware version 6.2.6.B. Just to make things clear, UPnP is enabled by default on the BT Home Hub, just like most IGDs. If your Internet gateway is a BT Home Hub, clicking on the following link should add a new forward rule called EVILFORWARDRULE: ATTACK.

The clocks have gone forward for British Summer Time but my Home Hub 5 router is still showing the old time. I have gone through all of the menu options, the Help/A-Z page, and searched on the BT community, but still can’t find how to do it.

BT tell us that we are using a phenomenal amount of data but from what I can understand of the stats available on our Home Hub 5 (HH5) we aren't using nearly that much. I don't know whether this is a compilation problem at BT, a faulty bit of firmware on our HH5, one of my kids downloading films 24-7, an out-of-control XBox, or whatever.

May 14, 2015 · BT is an alright ISP, I get good speeds (150D/40U), never get throttled and have yet to hear anything about my internet activity which involves a fair amount of P2P.. their hardware however is god awful, and the BT HomeHub 5 is no exception to that. I won’t go into how bad it is because if you’re reading… Read more Turning a BT HomeHub 5 into a Gigabit Switch If you’re an existing BT Infinity customer, simply renew your existing contract and you’ll be given a discounted price for the Home Hub 5. If you switch providers and sign up for the BT Infinity fibre optic broadband package, you’ll be entitled to a free Home Hub 5 as part of the deal. And of course, you can also buy it outright for £129. The BT Home Hub 3 and 4 models support PPPoA for ADSL and PPPoE for VDSL2, in conjunction with an Openreach-provided VDSL2 modem to support BT's FTTC network (BT Infinity). Version 5 of the Home Hub, released in August 2013, includes a VDSL2 modem for fibre-optic connections. Apr 08, 2019 · Updated April 2019. Our Smart Hub (above) is the UK’s most powerful wi-fi hub*, and better than ones from the other big broadband providers. So you’ll enjoy fast wi-fi signal that goes further Sep 18, 2015 · BT Home Hub 5: Upgrades and performance. So far there's no major reason to upgrade to the Home Hub 5. It looks essentially the same and is easy to plug in, but the router has a number of internal